Do you need planning permission?

The Parish Council has a right to be notified of any planning application affecting their area and to make comments which the planning authority must take into account.

Details of current applications from Longhorsley residents are given on the Northumberland Council website.

Parliament has given the main responsibility for planning to local planning authorities. If you have any queries about a particular case, you should first contact the planning department of Northumberland Council (the planning authority). You may also be able to find out more about planning law in the local library.

If you are concerned about a legal problem involving planning, your local Citizens Advice Bureau or a solicitor may be able to help. You do not always need planning permission before you carry out work or change the use of land or buildings, but if it is required, planning permission must be granted before any work begins. The forms you need to complete to apply for planning permission can be downloaded from the Planning page of the Northumberland website.

Many small scale changes connected with your home may not need planning permission and changes which only affect the inside of buildings generally do not require it. However, it is important that you are certain about whether planning permission is required before you start work. These include approval under the building regulations and, if there is a listed building involved, building consent. There are others and you should discuss this with the planning authority.

Please also remember to let your neighbours know about what you propose to do. Many potential problems can be avoided in this way. If you are extending a building think carefully about how the whole project will look when you have finished. Try to use the same materials and a design in keeping with the local environment.