Parish Plan

Plans Make Progress

In the summer of 2002 the residents of Longhorsley were asked to consider the possibility of developing a Parish Plan. This is a concept of the Countryside Agency and is intended to show the concerns and hopes of residents of the parish, suggest how valued features of the area may be protected and how realistic goals can be achieved.

The final document, which was published in July 2003, shows the opinions and wishes expressed. More importantly, it shows how some of those wishes could be fulfilled. Implementing the Plan will be a challenge and will call for energy and enthusiasm. If successful, the fruits of that energy and enthusiasm will benefit Longhorsley for years to come, and will forge partnerships which will enable the parish to rise to the unknown challenges of the future.

Reading the document requires a pdf reader. If you do not already have one on your computer, click here to install Adobe Acrobat Reader (which is free).

Since the publication of the original Plan, the Parish Council has continued to work to deliver those expressed values and opinions. To this end the original Plan has been updated and can be read here (dated May 2014). The document is still very much a living breathing document as implementation continues.